2021 Women’s Economy Summit

//2021 Women’s Economy Summit

Date: 18 June 2021

Location: Beijing, China

Chayora is delighted to be one of the sponsors of the 2021 Women’s Economy Summit. The Summit will focus on: celebrating trailblazing women who were the first to take on roles previously only occupied by men; recognizing male allies and what it really means to champion and support women at work and in life; profiling effective leadership traits that transcend gendered definitions; exploring impactful factors that empower women to thrive in the workplace; and identifying actions that will move us towards a more equal, sustainable, and inclusive tomorrow.

The Summit will be an energetic and bold experience packed with personal and professional development for women. This year, the full-day program will feature lightning talks, interactive workshops, panel discussions, and keynote speeches.

Topic: Gender Equity Is Everyone’s Business: Male Allies Championing Women
Date & Time: 18 June 2021 09:30 – 10:00 am
Speaker: Steven Cao, Chairman, Chayora China

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