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Our Strategy

Our ambition is to be the leading data centre infrastructure provider developing world-class data centre campuses and colocation facilities in China.

In order to achieve our vision, we have secured multiple sites in different provinces in China ready for data centre construction. All Chayora sites have access to substantial power (including clean and renewable energy), high speed and diverse fibre connectivity and access to required water resources.

Third-party Investors

Our sites are large – enabling hyperscale developments to meet the Chinese market opportunity, typically c.100 hectares with a supply of over 300MW of power – providing scale and assured expansion capacity. Well tried and tested corporate and management structures are linked to the structuring of each site into separate land titles. This enables a range of funding structures to be considered: either wholly Chayora funded, co-funded by Chayora with a customer, or through offshore and onshore third-party investors.

We now have construction underway in Tianjin to demonstrate our land acquisition and project capabilities and will always deliver customer-tailored designs and operations to support enterprise and colocation operator data centres to world-class standards and with up to ‘Tier IV’ specifications.

Our sites are large – typically 200 hectares with a supply of 300MW of power – providing scale and expansion capacity. Our sub-plots on each site support enterprise level data centres up to Tier IV specifications.

We offer different data centre development options designed and operated to highest international standards such as Powered Land, Build-to-Suit, Assured Scalability and Wholesale Colocation.


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