Capacity Asia 2021

//Capacity Asia 2021

Date: 30 November – 02 December 2021

Investing in Asian Digital Infrastructure

30 November 2021 09:00 – 09:45

There is a great disparity in connectivity across Asia, with countries like South Korea and Japan with over 90% internet penetration. At the same time, less developed nations lag, inhibiting their ability to participate in the digital economy. Significant investment is needed to bridge this divide. This session draws on leading investors and executives from across digital infrastructure to discuss the current wave of investment targeting Asia. This session will address:

How the growing interest in digital assets from long-term funds and private equity and the cheaper capital they offer is changing the industry.

What are the key barriers in emerging markets for large funds to invest in Connectivity Infrastructure?

With the large amounts of capital targeting the sector coupled with the space and power constraints facing the data centre sector, do we risk having more capital than projects it can be profitably invested in?

Speakers and Moderator:

  • Jonathan Berney, COO, Chayora
  • Ubaid Younus, Partner Manager APAC, Network Investments – Emerging Markets, Facebook
  • Wilson Chung, Principal – APAC Investment, Digital Bridge
  • Remi Galasso, Executive Chairman, Hawaiki
  • Claude Achcar, Founder and Managing Partner, Actel Consulting


State of the Market: China – The Drive Towards Sustainability

1 December 2021 10:00-10:50

After COP26 – sustainability in the datacentre sector – how can the supply chain make a substantial impact?

Topic areas to discuss:

  • Industry trends, analysis and opportunities
  • China specific angle we will present – BJ/ SH legislation v PUE and efficiency of datacentre design
  • Power consumption and huge demand of data – power tariff increases in China
  • Challenges of power, responsibility of suppliers and customers to position sustainability as key

Speakers and Moderator:

  • James McCartney, EVP Sales, Chayora
  • Susanna Kass, Data Centre Advisor, UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Dedric Lam, DCS Business Unit Director – North Asia, CBRE
  • ConneeZhang, CEO, CypressTel

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