22Jun 2018

Facilities Design and Engineering Expert Appointed to Leadership Role as Company’s Tianjin Hyperscale Data Centre Campus Targets Live Operations by Close of 2018 Hong Kong, 22 June 2018 — Chayora Limited, a Hong Kong-based data centre infrastructure company, announces today the appointment of Harry Shen as its new Technical Manager.  Mr. Shen has more than […]

15Jun 2018

Developing Hyperscale Data Center Campuses to Serve the World’s Second Largest Economy Data Center POST Interview with Oliver Jones, CEO of Chayora   As the CEO and co-founder of Chayora, Oliver Jones is principally focused on overall team leadership and oversight of investor management as well as securing tenants and raising the external profile of […]

09Jun 2018

In terms of accessing the Chinese population for online services, the challenge is wholly different to any other major market. The national firewall is highly effective and means businesses wanting to participate in the huge and growing online markets of China have to have servers present inside the firewall operated strictly in accordance with MIIT […]

01Jun 2018

Chayora to Speak at Datacloud Europe and Announces the Superstructure Launch Ceremony at Its Hyperscale Tianjin Data Centre Campus. Chayora, a Hong Kong-based data centre infrastructure company, announces today that its Chief Executive Officer, Oliver Jones, will speak at Datacloud Europe, taking place in Monaco. On Wednesday, 13 June 2018, Mr. Jones will participate in […]

30May 2018

Tianjin city in China eyes US$16 billion fund for AI work, dwarfing EU’s plan to spend US$1.78 billion A major Chinese metropolis plans to set up a multi-billion dollar fund to spur development of the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, in what is the latest and probably largest effort by a single Chinese city amid the […]

16May 2018

The demands of the international and domestic cloud providers in China are setting new challenges for data centre and infrastructure providers.  China has frequently leapfrogged the international markets in technology development and today, the prospect of new standards, scale and approaches to data centre campus and cloud-park development is imminent. The exponential growth of data […]