Social Responsibility

//Social Responsibility

Chayora – benefiting our community and the planet

Chayora is committed to fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibilities, for our environment, employees and the local community. Chayora is developing large, fully licensed data center parks in key locations across China offering a range of options including; Powered Land, Build-to-Suit, Assured Scalability and Wholesale Colocation solutions.

Chayora is actively promoting industry leading data center practices to help meet our customers their business and community responsibilities. Our portfolio of data center infrastructure solutions and services is designed to enable customers to enjoy the benefits of the latest data center technologies, promoting best operational practices, while reducing carbon emissions that harm our planet.

Chayora is committed to supporting its local communities through is actively promoting industry leading sustainable data center practices


In order to reduce carbon footprint, Chayora designs highly efficient data centers by utilising the most efficient cooling systems, UPSs, and other equipment and implementing most efficient operational policies. Chayora targets to achieve in its data centers Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.4. We commit to actively utilise renewable power sources to help further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local pollution, as well as create jobs and foster economic growth.


Chayora is committed to supporting our local communities developing state-of-the-art infrastructure to support development of IT sector in China, creating jobs, and actively participating in local educational programs aimed at transferring knowledge and best practices in management and operations of IT and IT infrastructure.

Trust and personal responsibility

We recognise our responsibilities within the communities in which we operate and it is our commitment to uphold a global ‘code of best practice’ in all of our commercial and social activities.


Chayora is committed to our employees and our community. We have established values and beliefs which define the characteristics of Chayora employees and which guide our relationships with each other and our stakeholders:

  • Individual Responsibility: We will act in the best interests of Chayora and our customers. We will comply with all legal requirements including our licences and other applicable regulations.
  • Commitment to deliver: We will act promptly on our promises and will deliver to our customers and stakeholders by being the most efficient and effective in our industry.
  • Personal Development: We stimulate individual development within Chayora and create opportunities for career development. We continuously improve our professional skills and knowledge and recognise that this gives huge benefits to the company and the employee.
  • Openness and honesty: We will act with honesty and integrity towards colleagues, customers, suppliers and regulators and treat them with respect. We encourage people to think and challenge decisions that are not in the best interest of the company or our customers.

Chayora Academy

Chayora Academy, Tianjin Vocational Institute: In support of China’s mandate to become the world leader in artificial intelligence by 2025, focusing on developing sectors such as driverless vehicles, face recognition and intelligent robots, Chayora has launched the Chayora Academy in Tianjin, where its first 300MW hyperscale data center campus is located. The Chayora Academy will be a focus for the international data centre community to foster the growth of top local talent for direct employment and customers.

Chayora Academy at Tianjin Vocational Institute

The Chayora Academy will have its physical base within the Tianjin Vocational Institute and will ensure that all operational personnel involved in delivering services at the Chayora Tianjin Campus in Beichen – whether directly employed by Chayora or customers, or employed through outsourced service partners, are fully inducted, trained and regularly retrained to achieve world-class service standards.

Tianjin Vocational Institute was first established in 1978, initially as the Chemical College of Tianjin University and by the end of 1982 it had transformed into Tianjin Vocational Institute, currently among 17 universities and colleges in China receiving World Bank funding. The campus covers over 766,000 sqm and has 27 advanced laboratories.

With 17,000 students it is one of the leading higher educational establishments in Tianjin with over 2,000 students enrolled on its telecommunications and data center programme.

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