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Our business is focused on creating the essential infrastructure for multi-national corporations, enterprise occupiers and colocation operators requiring data centre facilities in China. Operating in key locations across China, Chayora develops large, fully licensed sites ready for data centre construction and operations and access to the internet. All Chayora sites meet international construction, management and security standards and typically offer 300MW of grid power supply with an objective to supply more then 50% of power from clean, green and sustainable power sources. The sites are fully provisioned and offer world-class fibre connectivity from multiple providers.

Chayora offers an ultimate network of major sites for data centre development throughout China supporting national resilience and disaster recovery options

On Chayora sites customers can choose from different service options including Powered Land, Build-to-Suit, Assured Scalability and Wholesale Colocation.

  1. Key Benefits
    • Fully provisioned sites in top locations ready for immediate occupation
    • International standards
    • Availability of power to guarantee your immediate and growth needs
    • Availability of diverse connectivity from multiple providers
    • Availability of different service options to meet all your requirements
    • Access to international data centre development and operation expertise in China

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