Executive Interviews

//Executive Interviews

Tianjin TV Interview I Chayora Tianjin Data Centre 1 (Phase 2) Construction Progress

Why OCP Ready™ is a key pillar of Chayora’s China strategy

Chayora I State Grid Corporation of China Tianjin I Optimize Design of Power Infrstructure

ITW 2020 I Growth and Accommodating Data Centre Demand I Jonathan Berney

Chayora I HotShot Interview I Datacentres’ Chinascale opportunity

Chayora in PTC’20: Chayora’s milestones and future development

Interview: Chayora channel partner criteria and expectations in collaboration

Interview: Revenue and profit growth of China data centre businesses

Interview: Trends in Global Data Centre Sector I Meanings for China

Interview: How do you envisage a partnership program with Chayora developing for a western country?

Interview: What does the latest investment round mean for Chayora’s future?

Interview: Tax and financial incentives Chayora can assist I Businesses seeking to trade in China

Interview: Key locations for transactional trade in China and its impact for data centre world?

Interview: What vertical sectors can benefit from the significant growth in China?

Interview: Impact on the China market opportunity for western businesses

Interview: Key considerations enabling transactional data centre trade for western businesses

Interview: Chayora’s growth expectation I Individual hyperscale clients or Colocation

Interview: Size of the trade opportunities in China I notable winners to date I upwards trends

Interview: Describe a key benefit that China offers clients

Interview: Describe a key benefit Chayora offers clients

Chayora is expanding its data centre offering in China | Data Economy Interview

Chayora in PTC’19 I Edge-Capable Data Centres: The Next Wave

Chayora I Building hyperscale datacentres in Mainland China I DCD Interview

Data Economy Interview – From data centre leaders to foreign investment opportunities

Chayora in PTC’17 – Internationalising Data Centres for China

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