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Wholesale Colocation From Chayora

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Companies need data centres when their connectivity, applications and continuity requirements become business critical. While a data centre is a physical building with the power infrastructure, cooling resources and security, colocation is a service based on the standards, policies, procedures, people and data centre infrastructure. The quality of each of these components drives the overall end-user experience.

If large scale and long-term commitment data centre development options such as Powered Land, Build-to-Suit or Assured Scalability do not suit your current strategy Chayora is offering colocation services to satisfy your immediate data centre requirements in China.

Chayora designs, builds and operates state of the art carrier-neutral data centres across China. Chayora data centres deliver a consistent high quality experience, offering a full range of colocation options such as private rooms, suites, cages and pods, cost effective cooling, advanced fire and water detection systems, multi-layer security and a wide choice of connectivity. All designed with full redundancy.

Solution Overview

  • Standard 12MW colocation facility
  • High quality fully modular design
  • Tier III specifications
  • Built and operated to International standards
  • Industry leading energy efficiency with design PUE less than 1.4
  • Range of colocation services such as private rooms, suites, cages and pods
  • Power density of up to 40kW per cabinet position
  • High level of security

Key Benefits

  • Responds to the uncertainty (and reality) of the world’s biggest online market
  • Fast provision of data centre space and power
  • Guaranteed expansion space and power
  • No upfront capital expenditures and low TCO
  • Operational cost certainty
  • Service flexibility
  • Experienced team with international experience and standards of operation you can rely on

Please contact us to discuss your specific data centre requirements in China.

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